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Just when you thought it was safe to water…

Summer time in Indiana is hot and typically it’s dry. Everyone wants to water to keep their lawn healthy and green. However, with the heat comes humidity, and with our whacky weather patterns - heavy rains. Dew sets in every morning at sunrise, and “viola” you notice a fungus among us! Call us right away - we can diagnose and treat your problem. Stop watering, this will slow the progress of the fungus. HELP IS ON THE WAY!

Its Fungus season! MLI can help!

Its Fungus season! MLI can help!


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FUN-gal facts!

Fungus can show itself quickly, seemingly overnight….stay vigilant. Look for discoloration of the turf, brown circles or oval shaped areas they can appear quickly.


Here are some of the factors which contribute to your lawn contracting a fungus. Sometimes you don’t need all of the conditions to be present, but these are things to consider when knowing your lawn is at risk.

#1 Overnight temperatures above 70 degrees. #2 Poor soils (in Central Indiana) we have very heavy clay soil, mixed with a lot of aggregate. This is prime real estate for fungus development as the typical nutrient content in the soil is typically pretty low. #3 Hot and/or humid conditions contribute to the problem. #4 Rain/irrigation/general dampness in the soil.  Morning Dew on a consistent basis can also contribute to these conditions.

“…in Central Indiana we have very heavy clay soil, mixed with a lot of aggregate. This is prime real estate for fungus development.”

What should I do?

If you notice something out of the ordinary going on with your turf, contact your lawn care professional immediately. The quicker it can be diagnosed and treated, the quicker you can get back to enjoying your outdoor space!

What result should I expect?

Depending on your specific fungus, one or more treatments may be required. There are a vast array of products designed to handle your specific fungus. Once the disease is eradicated, a specific targeted fertilizationplan will be inacted to help the areas recover, repopulate with turf and be as green as ever. So yes, I am saying it’s a “process”. Identification, treatment, and a specific directed healing and recovery plan for your lawn is needed. Also, even though treatments are completed, your lawn is still susceptible to a fungus with the appropriate climatic conditions.  

The Hot List

Below is our top 3. These are the diseases your lawn is most likely to contract, and a link to each one from a great resource to read and understand the nuiance of each disease. Thank you Purdue Extension office.

#1 Dollar Spot-



#2 Red Thread-



#3 Pythium Blight-





Want to learn more?

Read about many of the turf diseases that are common to central Indiana here:



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